1. Is this what they mean by a grunion run?

  2. Napoupi

    That coast guard is douching drown victims back to life.

  3. It crawls out of the ocean it does.

  4. “Hat to keep the sun off my neck? Check. Shirt to remind me where I am? Check. Camera to take pictures of where I am? Check. Flip flops to walk on the beach? Awww man. I’m always screwin’ something up. Way to go, Leto.”

  5. Swearin

    A little bit later, he walked further down the coast and picked up a Santa Monica windbreaker and a Venice tube top.

  6. cc

    About to perish in a tsunami of obscurity.

  7. “Thursday the Rabbi Went Hollywood.”

  8. broduh jenner

    malibu’s LEAST wanted

  9. I hate dudes who’s thighs are thinner than mine.

  10. hm..

    he looks like my schizophrenic cousin..

  11. Michelle

    A sad reminder of where he use to live when he actually mattered

  12. The Brown Streak

    I guess it’s better than my shirt that says “Hoboken.”

  13. Winnie

    Why hasn’t anybody killed this guy yet?

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    His shirt says “Malibu”, but he’s in denial.

  15. He has a different shirt that just says “douche central” to wear when he’s anyplace else.

  16. Visible Ink

    Few things could upset the fine, upstanding people of Malibu, so Jared had to try extra hard. Historians now refer to this day as “The Malibu Riots”.

  17. EricLr

    Good to see Robin Gibb has found a new body to inhabit.

  18. “We’ve been spending most our lives living in an Amish paradise
    We’re all crazy Mennonites, living in an Amish paradise
    There’s no cops or traffic lights, living in an Amish paradise
    But you’d probably think it bites, living in an Amish paradise”

  19. Pine Table Fever

    He has ‘Malibu’ on his shirt so when someone finds him lying in the street all punched to bits, the ambulance knows where to dump him.

  20. Great… I can’t believe I wasted my “Gay Billy Jack” line on Russell Brand.

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