1. She’s there, of course, because.. whenever you think of a $250,000+ car…. you think of Mischa.

  2. cc

    Someone in Aston Martin’s marketing department needs a new job. Seriously, I could go to the nearest college campus and find a dozen girls who’d attract more interest than this chick.

  3. She actually looks pretty good for a change. I wouldn’t want to see her up close, but this is tolerable.

  4. tlmck

    Only explanation is that she was the cheapest thing on the red carpet menu.

  5. Baba_Ganouche

    Thorazine…it’s a heck of a drug.

  6. That dress actually makes it look like she has big tits. Amazing!

  7. Urvag

    She looks awful. Nothing a pint of blood and a good meal couldn’t fix.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Is this the move about her career?

  9. neo_v

    I didn’t know they are making a new version of “Weekend at Bernie’s” …

  10. “Oh, this isn’t the casting call for the Sixth Sense sequel? I was already in character and everything. Where’s the coke, then?”

  11. Visible Ink

    Someone at Aston Martin PR is getting fired for this!

  12. EricLr

    Wow, Susan Sarandon still looks hot!

  13. lily

    she looks better!

  14. Cristina

    What the heck happened to her?! This is sad. She was STUNNING back in her OC days.

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