1. Josh

    Sammich. She needs one.

  2. More like Candice Beanepoel

  3. Good GOD that is unnatural.

  4. I guess a woman can get by with only four ribs.

  5. cuddles

    She bears a striking resemblance to an alter boy I once knew. The priest often kept him late for “practice.”

  6. oh yeah

    She looks slim and fit -far from unhealthy. Check her ass out on the next thumbnails and dare to say that there is anything wrong with that you jealous fatties.

    • MeMe

      i’m a dude who loves slim women, but this is gross.

    • digler

      Only a damaged chick with body image disorder or a gay in denial would think this creature looks remotely healthy or attractive. She looks like a boy with cancer.

    • lily

      agree. i, starting to think the majority of commenters on this site are fat 40+ year old men who have no concept of health or what taking care of yourself entails. candice is stunning, her body is thin, but very feminine and to call her a boy is just ignorant. so shes not fat and fake like coco, arrest her for it.

  7. Not pictured: food.

  8. gigi

    you guys [and jealous chicks] are insane — Candice is not ripped or a mesomorph-type/ she’s definitely an ectomorph. I dont see any ribs or bony arms, some weird too-large space between her thighs– she’s just TINY! not everybody can pull this off & look healthy, and Candice can.

    • RJ

      I’m missing the “ribs” part too. Girl is just blessed with having curves while being thin. Candice is perfection.

      • franco

        Those things you see are called BONES in the English language. Not Curves.

      • lily

        are you fucking blind? there are NO bones sticking out on this girls body. she is slim and has a freakishly small waist, yes…but her hips and thighs are feminine and curvy.

      • RJ

        There’s two kinds of curves: healthy, which are shaped by a girl’s BONES. And unhealthy, which are shaped by fat. You’re used to seeing the latter.

        Thankfully, Candice could give a shit if you think she looks unhealthy, because she works out a lot and eats right. So by the time she’s in her 30′s, she’ll still be in the spotlight while all the other chicks you wanted to eat sandwiches found out that shit doesn’t work.

    • Blech

      She used to look a LOT better than this.

      I hope she’s not on drugs.

    • lg

      You don’t see boney arms?? They’re like sticks. Every bone in her wrists and elbows is visible. She looks like shit.

  9. What’s that weird line under her ribcage? Is that the scar from the cut’n'shut they did grafting the two alter boys together?

  10. tlmck

    Great ass but not much else.

  11. Looks very sexy.

  12. Michelle


  13. lkkkkk

    cover her face and its miley, belly chain and all

  14. Blech

    I like my body. Size 4-6, and fuck you maybe because I’m not jealous of anyone.

    In any case, this woman used to look a LOT better than this. Now she looks like any deranged drunk, cigarette-hooked mom in my town.

    I really hope she goes back to the way she was.

  15. digler

    There should be a law against boys wearing bikinis in public. Especially if they have some kind of wasting disease.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    Remember when Uma Thurman looked like this?

  17. lily

    i love her! great body tiny waist and nice hips, fuck everyone who is calling her a boy, boys dont have hips and bone structure like her. just because she is thin…its a nice change from all the fat fucks on here. youre all just jealous and wish you could get a girl like her.

    • RJ

      They all came straight from the Aubrey O’Day thread from just before this, right after they finished jerking off to fantasizing about rolling their dicks in all her dough. Candice is the hottest ever.

  18. Cock Dr

    She is freakishly narrow. Unbelievable.

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