1. Is that his wife, or the hotter chick they hang with?

  2. There’s got to be a better way to suggest motorboating…

  3. vgrly

    Great time for her to let out a nice juicy fart…..

  4. Now that is a dedicated man…he’s exfoliating her ass cellulite with his head stubble

  5. cc

    I tried doing that to Sara Jean Underwood’s ass and all I got was prison time.

  6. RihannaIsUgly

    Yea, so where is her ass?

  7. “I’m afraid you checked out positive for crabs.”

  8. Fondue

    “Bless me Jesus for the vagina I am about to receive…”

  9. Jarrod

    “Let me read your butts thoughts….sounds like…farts?”

  10. Anonymous

    THAT is the only reason to spontaneously to the “Tebow”. Any time else is just gay.

  11. Frank Burns

    Finally, someone praying to something that I understand.

  12. gigi

    perhaps she’s beardish… always heard he was weiner-oriented…

  13. tlmck

    “I’ll give you all the money you want. Just please, please, please don’t tell the world I’m really gay.”

  14. This is the most difficult pair of conjoined twins I’ve ever seen.

  15. The Pope

    What a butt-head.

  16. Richard McQueef

    When I see a photo black guy all over a girl’s butt, I immediately assume it’s Kim K.

  17. Luopis

    I thought it was Kayne and Kim, but her butt seems too small to be Kim

  18. Check back on her 10 years from now and that ass is going to be a rippled mass.

  19. The Brown Streak

    Even a bull can’t move a kardashian sized ass.

  20. Colin

    So if I take a picture of my head awkwardly placed next to your ass, do you think people will forget about that time I was naked on a gay beach?

  21. YTBOY

    Hey!!!, I would kiss her ass too!!!

  22. If you rub your head against it and put it on a wall, it will stick there.

  23. Feral B

    I thought she would be safe… here in Belize…

    I was wrong.

    Damn you, Skarsgard, damn you.


  24. HailSatan

    Do black people make these names up from using words from a 1 year old having a conversation with a 8 month old? Shemar. Latisha, Lamar, LaRhonda, DeShawn etc.


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