1. squarilyn

    So sad. Jack Osbourne is really going downhill fast.

  2. vgrly

    His feet look really small here. I wonder any correlation to his …..

  3. Probably a good a place as any to field test your new Gaydar X-Ray Specs™

  4. I was going to say “Frankie Goes to Hollywood,” but this is way too gay for that.

  5. Hank E. Ring

    Hey, it’s the gay cop from Reno 911.

  6. Pop quiz: Which is gayer?

    a – the turquoise sunglasses.
    b – the red phone
    c – the skinny jeans
    d – pornstache
    e – John Travolta

  7. contusion

    How ya like me know?

  8. He’s just out for a casual porn shoot at the beach.

  9. Carolyn

    Looks like a fruitcake.

  10. tlmck

    Gay haircut, check
    Gay porn stache, check
    Flaming pink iPhone, check

    Nope. Nothing gay going on here.

  11. cagster

    We’re lucky since it’s St Tropez, it could just have easily been Speedos.

  12. Never go full pedo-wait, France? Nah, he’s just being some dude you guys.

  13. Visible Ink

    The retired life of a 70′s gay pornstar!

  14. Juju

    Hey, aren’t those Selina Gomez’s sunglasses from Spring Breakers?

  15. [img]http://gssq.entori.net/me/pics/wohen.jpg[/img]

  16. Feral B

    **Strolling away…

    Ok, gotta run, Tom… sorry, I forgot, ‘Allejandro’. Anyway, um, yeah thanks. Love the boat. See ya.

    What’s that? Oh, your bike shorts ARE stuck in my pants again! Ha!

  17. HailSatan

    He deserves a swift kick in the cock

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