1. I genuinely thought that was Snooki.

  2. TWO flapjacks in 1 day, Fish?

  3. Howard Stern’s looking good these days.

  4. cajunhawk

    Do your tits hang low? Do they wobble too and fro?

  5. Still would. It’ll be hard not to cum in her hair though.

    • dennis

      She can take it off for you since it’s a wig.

      • I agree with Don. She’s been looking better and better over the last several months, and I, for one, would make an ardent endeavor to check out the changes, up close and personal. And cumming in her hair would be fun!

  6. It’s like she doesn’t know her tits are flat and gross.

  7. ultra

    She and Lindsay Lohan should open an IHOP.

  8. Looks like her tits died trying to escape the rest of her body.

  9. oldfool

    Did Mike Myers reboot “Coffee Talk”?

  10. timmyfigs

    IHOP twice in one week!

  11. Im a girl

    Ewe Lady Gaga. Just ewe.

  12. Dr Plaid

    Is this not the definition of fail? Someone should alert Webster’s to put this picture in the proper place in the next addition.

  13. donkeylicks

    I cam here to do two things. Tease out my hair and serve up some pancakes. Looks like I’m all out of hair spray.

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