1. Are you serious with hair piece, Scott Haze?

  2. “Kiss the rings, bitch.”
    “You’re not wearing any rings.”
    “KISS THEM!”

  3. “Let’s be Fancy!”

  4. Maybe an angry vengeful God.

  5. JimBB

    I think “James Franco” doesn’t even exist. I suspect his entire existence of just one big performance-art piece entitled “How Easy It Is to Get an Ivy League Ph.D. When You’re Famous.”

  6. Short Round

    I’m gald James Franco finally found meaningful and full employment as a hand model.

  7. I’m not particularly crazy about James Franco, but I wish I had earned even half of his accomplishments. And half of the pussy he gets.

  8. whatever

    James Franco looks neat enough to be gay. His style of chasing after women is really gay. His sleazeball antics seem more like a big beard blanket than straight behaviour. Hiding something sir?

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