1. Looks like three quarters of the homeless population down at Venice Beach.

  2. cajunhawk

    Things are coming up Dorf…

  3. I remember him from the Blue e-cigarette commercials. and literally nothing else.

    • anonymous

      He was in Blade. Still one of the best Marvel superhero movies made without unlimited Mickey money. And it was Rated R.

      Deadpool needs to be made the same way.

      • Damn right. That was one of the best Marvel movies. They made it in a way where you wouldn’t even know it was comic book movie. It was just a bad ass action flick. The second one was even better and the 3rd was good too.

        He played a great villain.

      • …i always reference ‘blade’ as one of the top 10 best comic book movies (so many do’nt even know), and just a great horror/action/sci-fi movie, period.

  4. JimBB

    Wow, scored a really nice blanket today down at the Salvation Army. It really pays to hang around and get first crack when the donors come in.

  5. Michael

    He would’ve made a great Wolverine. Oh well, we’re stuck with Hugh Jackman.

  6. cc

    He thought he was doing a cockney accent but really he was just shitfaced.

  7. *hahahahaha* …oh, crack.

  8. Look, everyone. A gold toof. He must have joined the Bieber brigade.

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