1. I have no idea what vaping is.

  2. “Saucer-1 to Beautiful-man2, do you read?”
    “This is not the time JONAH!!!”

  3. I don’t have an explanation for it, but the word “vape” or any conjugated forms of it trigger an intensely irrational urge for violence in me.

    Maybe it’s because smokers think they’ve found a loophole that will let them ignore the last 30 years of progress we’ve made towards controlling their assholery.

    I do feel bad for them though, it must be frustrating to finish a smoke and not have a piece of trash to throw on the ground to punctuate their satisfaction and contempt for the world that isn’t them.

  4. JimBB

    Quick, while he’s distracted by a supermodel, someone please replace the pipe with a gun.

  5. Dude seriously – your breath glows after you do oral on a supermodel

  6. Short Round

    Leo was nervous. He knew he shouldn’t be. It was far away and couldn’t reach him. He inhaled lightly to soothe his mind but just couldn’t shake the feeling. Suddenly, someone’s phone rang and a shiver ran down Leo’s spine… Is there a Leo here? It’s some Jonah…

  7. On the other hand

    what is the deal with Ibiza? Every fucking pop star, actor and actress is there now, jumping off yachts and partying in the clubs.

  8. I didn’t know you could vape raw cookie dough.

  9. timmyfigs

    He’s obviously preparing for the Addams Family reboot.

  10. Careful, Jonah Hill might see this and tomorrow you’ll read that he OD’d vaping.

  11. Do vapers still taste like cremated hog anus?

  12. …actually, this is a scene from that ‘starman’ sequel we’ve waiting for …the kid has his dad’s balls. (get it?)

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