1. She doesn’t look right with clothes on. Or naked.

  2. Cock Dr

    Plaid best displays the bending of space/time around her haunches. If you go in be warned, when you come back out it’ll be the year 10,947 and our robot masters won’t be very sympathetic to your bodacious booty explanations.

  3. dbag

    Lets count how many things in this photo that arn’t real. Whoever’s closest wins nothing.

  4. Dat ass ain’t no optical illusion. It’s just perfect.

  5. Please dear God please take away all the elephant asses

  6. An over sized cartoon character and a giant stuffed animal.

  7. Which one of these is more synthetic?

  8. Finally! A dog big enough for her to do a Coppertone Ad with!

  9. Sloppy Redneck

    My eyes hurt !!!

  10. All that’s missing is the Looney Tunes theme song.

  11. …i’m sorry i passed out, what were talking about? oh, right, the photo of Coc… [passes out again]

  12. The sad thing is that this trend of huge asses is starting to spread beyond the US…

  13. Nut bra

    That plaid started its life much smaller……

  14. harsky & starch

    I LOVE big asses but that just looks deformed. Her and KK have circus freak asses…as their “talent”. But it’s working for them. Spaceballs deleted scene: WE NEED LUDICROUS ASS – - NOW!!!! HOLY SHIT SHE WENT STRAIGHT TO PLAID.

  15. donkeylicks

    What do you mean you only see one stuffed animal? Are you blind, theres two of them, right there!

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