1. JC

    “Look honey, we just had a beautiful baby daughter. Given that we have a comical last name that for some stupid reason we refused to Americanize, what first name could we give her that would make it even worse?”

  2. A Realist

    It writes itself sometimes.

  3. “Blanda, I think I want to try anal tonight.”
    “Well, when your boyfriend is done with you, call me and we’ll go shopping.”

  4. That’s not a sign, Joe Jonas’ repressed homosexuality has actually evolved to the point where it can cast its own comedic sense of irony onto any permanent object.

  5. I’d love to park in Blanda’s rear.

  6. Marketing Mike

    Her first Porno will be called “BACK DOOR BEARD…”

  7. Bet he gable’s up dat pussy.

    Betty Gable’s?

    Get it?

    JJLTC. Fuck it.

  8. “Oh my gawd, Blanda. Did you see that sign right back there?” “Yes, and it was disgusting.”
    “Oh. OK. Never mind.”

  9. No mate what, I will never be able to get over how boring her name is.

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