1. Time is catching up. She’s slowly losing her appeal. By 84, she won’t be hot at all.

  2. You mean the year 2084? Yeah, probably not.

  3. She still looks amazing, but the vest is nasty.

  4. Brasshole

    Still would.

  5. Another perfect woman from the UK.

  6. Flatliner

    Whoever styled her here should really consider a career change.

  7. Marketing Mike

    All Day Long, Tomorrow, and the Next Day…

  8. Vlad

    Although still hot, she IS slowly turning into a young Anthony Hopkins.

  9. Marketing Mike

    We can always tells when “Veronica/Bob” shows up.
    Don and I always get a “mystery” negative vote.

  10. Very attractive. But, forever all I will think when I look at her is, “How shitty in the sack is this woman that her man had to get a bj from a low-rent hooker?”. Which is sad, because I heard that she only has good things to say about me. I am such a dick.

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