2. I wonder how much they had to pay him to not wear the gloves…. what, $10, maybe $15 an hour?

  3. PassingTrue

    Who knew he was related to Ron Jeremy?

  4. Joe Blow

    Hickery dickory dock,
    a bum was sucking my cock.
    He said “Pay what you owes”,
    but I stole his clothes,
    hickory, dickory, dock..

  5. I always wondered what happened to the stuff we gave to the Good Will back in ’74 after Grandpa died.

  6. Shit! Thought this was Tommy Lee Jones for a second!

  7. Jesus, Amy Adams’ breasts really do make anything look good.

  8. In a surprising move, producers decided to cast Judd Hirsch in the Lemmy biopic.

  9. “Yeah, it used to be much bigger than this, but I got old.”

  10. Buwahahaha

    Are pants actually made in that color or is that from years of piss stains?

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