1. “Cunt parking only? Who the heck…”


  2. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “Sometimes I wonder what it’s like not being in a family of whores, media and otherwise.”

    Oops! Cameras! Gotta get ready!

  3. Her name was entirely designed to only be pronounced in a Lumpy Space Princess voice…

  4. dave

    god i hope she does a sextape

    • RayJ

      Don’t worry, it’s already in the can.
      Both literally and figuratively. Oh yes, she likes the mandingo meat too.

  5. Little Tongue

    Nice butt… so far…

  6. Helena Handbasket

    She’ll never earn a G.E.D., but her outfit cost more than your entire mortgage. Enjoy.

  7. Yep, yep, yep…it’s a-gettin’ there.”

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