1. “Madonna” by name, “Tucker” by occupation.

  2. PassingTrue

    Apparently being a Tucker means you can cut your duct tape expenses by half.

  3. Everybody should eat mushroom at least once in their lives. Truth.

  4. Sweet quadrotor drone, Obama.

  5. AKA Tucker JOHNSON!

  6. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Is he steering her with a game console? Where can I get one?

  7. Why does that tranny look like Ashley Tisdale?

  8. Am I the only one that noticed how flat this ass is? Especially in comparison to la Lopez. Thick muscular stubby legs like those should come with a nice round bubble butt as an apology of sorts for the legs.

  9. Johnny Barbells

    …whoever the evil genius is that put cameron diaz’s head on bertney’s body; call me …i’ve got some work for you.

  10. I believe her name is actually Montana Tucker, and from looking at her in Google, she really hot.

  11. Vladimir

    There is always a hovering drone in the background that sez wat errbody iz thinkin wit hiz eyes…

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