1. JC

    “Usher, how many more Bieber videos filled with racist slurs can we expect later today?”

  2. someone

    “Usher, how many illegitamite children will Bieber have by the time he turn’s 21?”

  3. A Realist

    Peace to you, too, Cuba Gooding Jr!

  4. I loved you in The Shawshank Redemption! You look so much younger in person!

  5. Swearin

    “Usher, how many seconds did you mull it over about unleashing Justin Bieber on an unsuspecting world?”

  6. Marketing Mike

    That poor white guys has no idea what’s coming…

  7. Jack

    “How many times did you butt-tool Bieber last week?”

  8. I had heard Usher is pretty dumb, but I asked him what 1 + 1 is and he got it almost immediately.

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