1. Lena Dunham should have done this; at least she’d be proportional.

  2. Fuck the Earth…

    …that is all.


    • Aw, did I upset someone? Don’t worry, the planet will still be here once we’ve killed ourselves off, and probably in better shape.

  3. PassingTrue

    Can we start at the Grand Canyon?

  4. kravdan

    Something tells me she’s eaten a lot of meat…

  5. Looks like the Netherlands could use some drilling.

  6. Don’t waste your time on a woman who won’t eat your meat.

  7. “If you continue to engage in non-green behaviors, we shall continue to post pics of gorgeous naked women.”
    PETA – No psychology majors.

  8. I’d like to go diving near the equator

  9. New PETA slogan: “Bush > Meat”

  10. I want to squeeze and suck on North Africa, with special attention to Chad and Niger. Geography is fun.

  11. Beer for thought

    and going vegan will save the earth how? do tell naked lady covered in paint

  12. dennis

    Who the hell painted this “Earth” on her? Because they had no idea what what planet actually looks like. Is that supposed to be Africa right above the US?

  13. When will people realise that if you actually want to help animals and the planet, PETA are the LAST fuckers you should be supporting?

  14. Swearin

    Veganism is such a crock. So many hot girls do it because they can still stay skinny since their diet was most vegetable and salad-based anyway. Guys tend to eat meat & cheese every day because it’s necessary to maintain even the most basic masculine physique. This has been a moment in armchair biology.

    Now having said that, I might go vegan if it meant getting to be in the shower with this girl when she washes all of that paint off.

  15. j/k

    I only eat animals that are already dead. That’s one less smelly carcass. I’m doing my part.

  16. I will never give up meat. If the doctor said “If you eat any more pork, you’ll die.” I’d get my affairs in orders then enjoy one last piece of heavenly pork. And die with a smile on my face like I got hit with Joker gas.

  17. PETA: Treating animals with ethics and objecting women.

  18. Buwahahaha

    Fuck PETA in their grain-fed ass.

  19. Save the Earth! Kill More Vegans

    • Flatliner

      You’re on to something there but lets take it one step further to be more efficient…save an animal, eat a vegan.

  20. Short Round

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a healthy looking vegan. They all look so pale, lifeless and neurotic. Humans are omnivores. You’re healthiest if you eat as such.

  21. Damn! She’s just in time for the geography project that I just decided I have coming up this week…

  22. As long is that vagina’s on the menu, Vegan it is!

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