1. Her footprints ended up 36″ deep.

  2. I fucking love her, but nope – pleats are not her friend.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …me too …am i the only one who thinks “tammy” looks like it might be really funny?

      • No, you’re not – she makes me laugh no matter what. I saw the trailer for The Heat and went, “Well, that’s easy – absolutely not, no way.” I was out of Kindle battery, it was in-flight entertainment – and I ended up spraying pita chips all the way to the east coast. I still can’t look at a sub sandwich thanks to her; the cut in the end titles of Bridesmaids of her and the Air Marshall (her real-life husband, btw) has totally destroyed my ability to enter a deli and keep a straight face.

      • She is hilarious!

  3. Dbag


  4. Joe Blow

    I certainly hope there’s some rebar in that cement.

  5. someone

    “I think we’re going to need a bigger…well, everything.”

  6. someone

    Guy in background: “Ms. McCarthy is in position. Ready the helecopters for the dismount.”

  7. Kris Jenner

    That is not where I want my head on a hot summer day

  8. Joe Blow

    Wait… it isn’t Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years… so which parade are they using this balloon in?

  9. satan'srighthand74

    Violet Beauregarde is all grown up now. Still looking like a blueberry after leaving Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory

  10. Short Round

    Kindly Lafarge provided two blocks of cement. But they wanted one back for load stress testing.

  11. Wo Fat is:
    a. The guy who is kneeling in this photo.
    b. How they got Melissa McCarthy to stand still.

  12. Chaz

    Strangely, or not, the concrete had already set days ago.

  13. “You know, Ms. McCarthy…normally we use wet cement for this, but with you, no need!”

  14. “This might seem like an extreme way to get you to stop eating, but these are desperate times!”

  15. “And if THIS doesn’t get you to stop eating, then the next time, we’ll put the cement in your mouth!”

  16. Just marking the one they’re going to have to cut off later today.

  17. Why would she willingly dress like the girl who ate the candy and turned into a giant blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

  18. Lovey

    Usually I can read, but glancing at this picture I saw ‘TCL Cheese Theatre’ and thought ‘Yeah, that’s about right….’


  20. #thinspiration

  21. Art Crow

    It’s not that often that Sammo Hung meets someone that makes him feel thin.

  22. Rico Jones

    The cement was totally hardened but it took her footprint anyway.

  23. bob

    america’s giant, unfunny sweetheart

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