1. Now I see why she’s digging in the archive.

  2. it had to be said

    Don’t sweat it. I’m never going to meet her, and the ‘shopped versions work just fine for fapping.

  3. Instagram’s gotta fuckin’ go.

  4. Buwahahaha

    That could be Khloe

  5. NNNNOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    *Heart Shatters*!!…wait…not quite right…
    *Hard on shatters!*

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s a package deal; you want those breasts you gotta take the thighs that come with them.

  7. Short Round

    You are a credit to truth and honesty in reporting, Photo Boy. Now, keep posting her photoshopped pictures.

  8. You Know

    Most perfect female body 2000-2010.


  9. bob

    She is perfectly made!

  10. I would the Photoshop version… I would the real-life version…
    I just would.

  11. I don’t like when you post this stuff, Fish, I’m worried it will make women feel good about themselves.

  12. Michael

    She’s still gorgeous. The legs aren’t fucking massive cankles.

  13. Like a large baby…

  14. all about the angles.

  15. I see nothing to complain about here. She’s still perfection. I always will.

  16. That outfit is cute though, I believe it is from the “Toothless Whore” collection. Very Chic.

  17. I wouldn’t even wear that in the 80s, and I work tunics with cartoon dogs on them over neon pink and purple tiger striped spandex leggings in the 80s.

  18. Swearin

    We CAN rebuild her. We have the technology…

  19. fred

    Fat chick in little shorts.

  20. Little Tongue

    That’s Kelly Brook? Get out!
    Kudos to her (her stylists, colorists, set designers, photoshop artists, and the like) for leading us all to believe she’s a babe. ‘Cause from behind, she looks just like those chicks on “Seen in a Walmart nearest you”.
    PS: She seriously has to live with the biggest case of impostor syndrom ever recorded in history. I feel for her. Really.

  21. Marketing Mike

    Time is a cruel Mistress…
    Yet, one squeeze of those tits and all would be forgiven.

  22. Nipples

    Kelly is all about the nipples…

  23. I think I could put up with those thighs. And all the other various and sundry minor blips on that one-time magnificent body.

  24. Jentilly

    She’s not very big at all, it’s her ugly acid wash onsie that is making her look bigger. If she had a cute little skirt on she would look much better from behind, IMO

  25. A little young to have gotten off the fashion train in 1987.

  26. She has a very pretty face.

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