1. So that’s what happened to my Grandpa’s workout gear. Give it back, Duhamel, you thieving bastard.

  2. This Josh’s impersonation of La Bouef (how do you spell that guy’s name?) picking a fight with a guard rail thinking it was a bouncer.

  3. Cock Dr

    Fergie don’t want no couch potato for a spouse. Run Josh, run!

  4. A Realist

    “…she was the hot chick from the Black Eye Peas, they said….23……she hasn’t had that much work done, they said….24…..she doesn’t have a penis, they said…25….”

  5. Short Round

    No matter how well it pays being in Michael Bay movies eventually takes its toll hence the outfit. Wait, is he looking at a hobo suspiciously?

  6. Somebody help this guy push his wife and the rest of California into the ocean!

  7. It’s the hipster work out!!

    1 hour – selecting sufficiently ironic, yet conformist, geek chic workout outfit (who wears black socks to work out? i’m so original.)

    5 minutes – do six of those push-ups you saw the seniors doing at the park the other day.

    1 hour – post selfies of workout gear and post -workout Starbucks to Instagram with hashtags #fitforlife and #beastmode

  8. When you are married to a man, I guess you are allowed to do girl push-ups.

  9. “Hey, you down there…for fifty bucks I’ll lower a rope down to you.”

  10. You can’t bury a guardrail that way. Seriously, I’ve tried.

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