1. Flatliner

    Looks like Khloe is showing some love to her lower intestine while Rob is secretly wishing she would give him a hand job.

  2. JC

    As the trunk slowly tightened around his neck, Rob realized that just because you CAN blackmail your whore sisters and whore mother into buying you a pet elephant doesn’t mean you SHOULD blackmail them into buying you a pet elephant.

  3. They make luxury nooses now?

  4. Dbag

    After getting him to finish his second bottle of cough syrup Khloe releases Rob’s doughy innards to feed upon.

  5. Short Round

    Such a lovely moment if only we didn’t know this is just the break until the next round of knife fight because Kris doesn’t believe in supper unless you earn it.

  6. buzz

    Smoking weed and drinking sizzurp makes you sleepy, yo.

  7. All the cuddling without all the horrible touching

  8. Pilin

    Nobody cares.

  9. “Crawl inside, it’ll keep you warm! And I thought they smelled bad…on the outside!”

  10. dennis

    A rare behind the scenes photo of Chewie and Jabba the Hutt.

  11. What kind of monster poses with her brother’s dead body?

  12. Swearin

    Aw, how adorable, they’re napping inside one of Kris’s tentacles.

  13. She finally found a way to explain to him why she dates black guys.

  14. He looks thin by comparison.

  15. Little Tongue

    Are those tumours on his chin or just “FTW-I am my own unique person-look at me-I’m feirce-YOLO” type of subdermal implants?

  16. “If only this was black”
    “If only this was food”

  17. “Hey Rob…??? No reason, really, but out of minor curiosity, do you still get those tremendous erections that we used to play with?”

  18. Jack Ketch

    Fake eyelashes and nails just to post for a garbage pic like this?

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