1. Alec still has the best hairline of the bunch.

  2. Slater’s still in the picture? I guess Alec hasn’t found the Gulf Stream yet.

  3. That’s just one of those cardboard souvenir cutouts of Alec. The REAL Alec just punted one of his poodles into the Potomac after seeing this.

  4. That reminds me, I need by shoulders and sides waxed.

  5. ty

    One more second and Alec Baldwin would have suffocated from holding his breath for too long.

  6. All part of his master plan to drown her asshole boyfriend.

  7. ruckus

    I like how you Always Be Closing my daughter.

  8. This was the magical day they set Trout free to be with his own kind.

  9. …the caption for this photo on alec’s facebook page:
    “fuck you, internet!”

  10. Exhale, Alec. Exhale.

  11. Only Maury knows whose the father.

  12. journalschism

    *Under his breath* “Uh, why does your dad keep calling me Fredo?”

  13. Sheppy

    And people said Alec couldn’t act!

  14. Homicide might want to just go ahead and stick this picture in their evidence locker for later.

  15. Note to self: Ask husband to shave hair on stomach to resemble abs. Remember to dim lights.

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