1. As with most of her schtick, it’s been done before. Next comes brothels, Sizemore, Dr. Drew and exotic birds.

  2. JC


  3. Photo Boy’s captions are getting a lot more disgruntled lately. Time to rethink the future.

  4. You know what the world needs? Antisocial media.

  5. a little too octomom-ish for me.

  6. broduhjenner

    my precioussshhh

  7. No doubt why she usually wears so much make up.

  8. caley

    Don’t let Michael Jackson’s kid see these photos of her hero, Marilyn Manson, without makeup!

  9. john

    well at least I know who can play the Joker in the next Batman movie

  10. shel2867

    She looks like a foot.

  11. carpaltunnel


  12. Marilyn Manson is looking a little rough these days.

  13. Catty Kat

    Looks like Heidi Fleiss

  14. cc

    Just like her music, you strip away the facade and there’s not much there.

  15. Pat C.

    I like her V magazine pic a lot better.

  16. Nothing but downhill for her since Cobain’s death.

  17. not her best idea.

  18. I’m guessing most of the comments on here are from females or gay dudes. Personally, I think she’s looking pretty good without the makeup…I’d bang her for sure!

  19. I totally still would nail her ass to the wall. She looks great.

  20. Hannah

    I also think she looks good, while I usually don’t.

  21. jim eh

    I’d still hit it. I know you motherfuckers like to make fun and shit, but makeup is such a lie.

  22. Courtney Love lost weight??? Good for her!!

  23. Geiger

    More like, “Lady Gollum”.

  24. Lady Gaga, just fucking stop it. Please.

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