1. Looks like she got into the Oreos after the break-up.

  2. Someone left some supersperm inside

  3. Rico Jones

    I say it every time I see her online. Sexiest butterface in Hollywood. And I’m not trying to be funny.

  4. Hey girl, I still think you’re FIIINE. Call me.

    – Aquaman

  5. Kaley’s face has such a high butter content, she’s been hired to star in the Paula Deen bopic.

  6. Quasi5

    Bloat much?

  7. She looks like she’s barely holding it together. The perfect time to get her to “kneel before Zod”.

  8. …was’nt on my radar til her commercial work …now i dig her a lot.

  9. She got puffy in the face.

  10. 19yr old Renee zellweger

  11. I thought she broke her leg!

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