1. Schadenfreude

    Saved by the Bell meets Clueless……

  2. Slappy Magoo

    How sad it is to have to photobomb a picture you’re supposed to be in…

  3. Robot Chicken is awesome.

  4. “If this is Screech, I swear to fucking god…”

  5. caley

    “So, seriously Mark-Paul, I can be Screech at the reunion, right?”

  6. Ryan

    Which one is Franklin and which is Bash. That question would stump the internet

  7. Anybody seen Rizzoli and Isles here? My buddy and I are looking to hook up.

  8. How did Mark know Breckin would show up? He had a hunch.

  9. “I’m too short to get it in from back here”

  10. At least he knows his place as the shorter, much less attractive, much less successful and famous part of this duo.

  11. This is sadder than any comment I could make.

  12. “I wish I was ageing this well.”

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