1. In the part she was born to play in.

  2. anonymous

    She must be talking to Tom Cruise again.

  3. john

    she can star in my movie “Orgasm Whore Fest”

  4. “Toooommmm… stop standing under that bush so we can talk like adults.”

  5. Not ANOTHER zombie movie!?!

  6. Quasi5

    Knee vagina!!

  7. She looks great.

  8. Have you ever gone home with a girl and hated the whole night cause she wanted you to see her silver spoon collection before you violated her? Then after the deed she thinks she’ll be with you forever? Her name is Sonnet. This is her picture.

  9. EricLR

    She’s off to see the Wizard, to get her brain back!

  10. cc

    Never drop acid then walk through a summer garden.

  11. She still subconsciously slouches down to Tom Cruise height when she walks, poor thing.

  12. No joke here. She actually just looks a lot better since she escaped the Branch Davidian compound or Heaven’s Gate or whatever crazy stupid horseshit Cruise is Jesus of.

  13. I can’t help it, I still see a degree of damage there.

  14. Tom needs to refund her soul.

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