1. Looks like he is about to cometh on her tits

  2. “Jasmine Blue…cuz she needed the money! Then again, so do I.”

  3. Hickory dickory dock.

  4. The last known human to still wear leather half-gloves as an actual fashion accessory.

  5. Schadenfreude

    Fonzie with Tourette’s Syndrome.

  6. You bastard! Give my Grandpa back his driving glasses!

  7. Two days in a row, I am a bit mystified at who seems to LOVE hanging out with the DIce.

  8. Looks like my junior high Algebra teacher at Halloween.

  9. “She thinks I’m Lou Ferrigno. Who da fuck is Lou Ferrigno?”

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    She wasn’t alive when he was famous.

    None of us were alive when he was funny.

  11. The Diceman is doing well for himself.

  12. MADLIBS: Hickory dickory plugs, this girl was sucking my old, the clock struck prostitute, I dropped my relevant and dropped her on the next geriatric ward.

  13. Hey, show some respect. Thats his wife, the wife that knows how to defile a garden hose and a hairbrush.

    Not judging, just pointing out.

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