1. K-Mart is still in business? Weird.

  2. Schadenfreude

    Promoting someting that K-Mart is one step away from becoming Ted McGinley.

  3. I swear hearing the “train” stories and now seeing that mike is putting images in my head I can’t shake

  4. “It’s not Bieber, you have to open a lot wider young lady…”

  5. “For the record, I am paid to be here! OMG! I would never shop here… You guys are losers!”

  6. “I think it is important for me to be a role model to young girls everywhere… Have all the dirty old men in the back gotten a good look down my top or should I bend over a little more?”

  7. She’s okay to look at but very annoying to listen to.

  8. She is the K-Mart of talent.

  9. What a paradox she is to me.

  10. Bare Pickle

    Banged this chick off plenty of fish, and right at the intense moment she says, ” I’m only 15!” I immediately finished belly button. She was only joking but she really knew how to get a guy off.

  11. Finished in her belly button**

  12. EricLR

    A hispanic in a K-Mart?!???!?!?

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