1. And thinking of who he’ll hit next in

  2. Not to call attention to himself or anything.

  3. Schadenfreude

    Plenty of horsepower for when he’s thinking “punch it”!

  4. Slappy Magoo

    Chris Brown posing with the future poster child for Battered Car Syndrome.

  5. Where the hell is that kind of camouflage supposed to work, exactly? Yeah, he’ll never get pulled over for a DWB in that thing.

  6. “I’m wearing this shirt to increase awareness of the plight of black men who are ruthlessly murdered.”
    “Mr. Brown, that will be $1300 for the repair of the head-sized dent in your door.”

  7. Rico Jones

    This is why rappers always go broke.

  8. caley

    ‘Chris Brown’s custom Lamborghini has a built-in sensor that will actually avoid collisions, except when women are involved, in which case it will veer off the road to run them down then talk about how it made a mistake and deserves a second chance.’

  9. Cock Dr

    Just the thing to go cruising for gay sex on the down low.

  10. Randalator

    Chris Brown proving yet again that while money can buy you Lambos it can’t buy you class…

  11. MeanMrsMustard

    It’s like he’s testing the depths of douchebaggery and wankerdom. He’s pioneer really, because now I feel like slugging him.

  12. “George, I have an idea. Now hear me out.”
    “I think I know how we can redeem your public image and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak”

  13. Smapdi

    Its fitting that a guy known as a douchebag has a car with the paint job of a used tampon.

  14. Holstein camo…. Nothing gay about that!

  15. What a ridiculous piece of shit. And that car looks pretty stupid too.

  16. tlmck

    Sure it’s his. It says so on the 1 hour rental agreement.

  17. “X” marks the shit spot

  18. Where is George Zimmerman when we need him?

  19. I hope they charged this terrible little cunt ten times the normal price and did a half-assed job.

  20. CK

    He should at least be wearing the shoes that were the inspiration for this gaudy shit.
    Oh right, “inspiration” is a word he doesn’t know.

  21. Macca

    Douchebags rejoice your King has arrived!

  22. I guess justice for Trayvon means “custom paint job on my Lambo”.

  23. He’s disappointed that there isn’t enough room to “smack around his bitches”.

  24. This is the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen. That car sucks too.

  25. This fucking idiot probably thinks Malcom X and Trayvon are the black Batman and Robin. He is hoping to play villain The Douche-Bag in the film version and will supply his own car.

  26. Mos

    Think how pissed that car must be.

    Comes out of the Lamborghini factory as one of the most bad-assed automobiles on the road. Ends up like one of those poodles that are dyed pink for a dog show. Ten bucks says the car intentionally kills him within 6 months. Murder/suicide.

  27. Sheppy

    Way to make a beautiful car look cheap and tacky.

  28. Kat

    I just finished reading an article about how Sam Simon is dying and giving all his money to charities that help animals. How is this fuckstick this rich and this alive?

  29. Nothing about this picture says “overcompensating.” Nope, not at all.

  30. EricLR

    Too bad it won’t still be around to drive you back to the ghetto in a few years.

  31. Now he doesn’t even have to pull her head down to smack her face into the car.

  32. It’s got guillotine doors to avoid a near-miss next time some biatch as much as looks in the general direction of his iPhone.

  33. ya mom

    How to fuck up a car in 1 simple step.

  34. That’s not paint, it’s his woman’s … er, punching bay’s blood.

  35. That’s not paint, it’s his woman’s … er, punching bag’s blood.

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