1. Or as she says it, ‘Homo S♪appienne♪s’

  2. Close your mouth, the whistling drives the dogs crazy.

  3. Seriously, it’s not just “your quirky thing” any more. Get those fucking teeth fixed.

  4. Keno

    “You see, you make a wish and then try and break one. And you got to be a pretty good shot nowadays, too.”
    -Johnny Depp

  5. Rico Jones

    I’ve seen many women with gaps in their teeth and still found them attractive but this is just ridiculous.

  6. It’s like evolution forgot to put a tooth in there.

  7. john

    mind the gap!!!!!

  8. Cock Dr

    Teeth…….anomolies get worse as a person gets older.
    So unless she does something those teeth are gonna keep running to the opposite sides of her mouth.
    I’m sure our fave celebrity blogspot will keep a close eye on things for us and will let us all know when the teeth have finally left the building.

  9. Miss, you have something stuck between your…. Oh, that’s a dachshund.

  10. catapostrophe


  11. “Somebody leave the tea kettle on?”

  12. “Snooki’s dentist wants me to give you his card.”

  13. Lauren Hutton worked the gap, even Madonna does. This just makes me feel like that elf on Rudolph. “I wanna be a dentist!”

  14. LLBL

    “All I want for Chriftmas is my one frunt toof, my one frunt toof, my one frunt toof.”

  15. Her last name is translated as “paradise”. So that gap may hold secrets that will blow your mind.

  16. The egg tooth falls off after the animal has breached the shell.

  17. cc

    She makes good money doing to the voice of Herbert the Pervert.

  18. JJ

    FUCK! fix your teeth already!

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