1. She does it for me. She really does it…

  2. Tip toe, through the tulips.

  3. Schadenfreude

    Yes, I am upton. Now I want to go downton……

  4. Why do she have to be so damn BEAUTIFUL!

  5. john

    glad I renewed my motorboat license for the year. :-)

  6. Sabado Gigante

    “My, what big eyes you have.”

    “The better to see you not looking at them.”

  7. cc

    This gallery can only go downhill from here.

  8. catapostrophe

    Dayum, girl! Do fries come with those boobs?

  9. Big Toe

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d be the romantic and throw it in her, but she’s waaaaayyyyyyy overrated.

  10. brian

    Those tits… My god!

  11. Jussayin

    Showcasing her best assets and hiding her misshapen torso. She’s smarter than I thought.

  12. She is wonderful.

  13. Yeah, even this straight girl’s gotta shout.

  14. Why is Coco’s ass on her chest?

  15. Seriously, it’s a given that she’s model material but she’s always been a page-turner to me. That is, until this photo. Something about this photo has her looking irresistibly hot. Maybe because she looks a bit disheveled – as if she just climbed out of bed 30 seconds ago. Very sexy.

  16. Kate Upton vs Kelly Brook in Best of the Breasts 2: Electric Boobaloo.

  17. Hugh Jazz

    Kate Upton has great eyes, smile, complexion, hair, shoulders, skin tone and… that’s about it – World’s Worst Liar

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