1. Dumpy looking in a grandma dress.

    • Randal

      “It’s a race, it’s a chase, hurry up and feed their face!
      Who will win? No one knows! Feed the hungry hip-ip-pos!
      Hungry hungry hippos! (open up and there it goes!)”


    • Admit It!
      Every One of Us would Do Her Before She even Finished Asking

  2. diego

    She’s looking festively plump

  3. Slappy Magoo

    She wants an Oompa Loompa NOW!

  4. guest

    Sort of sad really.

  5. Cock Dr

    It’s the sweet quiet looking ones that you have to watch out for.

  6. Chubby can be sexy. It’s not here, but it can be in theory.

  7. broduhjenner

    I don’t know about killing, but michelle has definitely been eating

  8. BiJenni

    WTF happened? I used to fantasize about doing her.. O.M.G.

  9. teddy

    She’s “the Key” alright.. to the hellmouth refrigerator.

  10. I would hit that back and to the left.

  11. ty

    Isn’t this the girl who ate Michelle Trachtenberg?

  12. katie

    the SPANX isn’t working (check out her right thigh)

  13. Who switched the aspect ratio on my monitor?

  14. Reality

    The irony with this pic is that Michelle is probably only a size 6 or so in real life. Yep. The magic of cameras.

  15. Looks like she’s going to have to go back to using Absynthe to get laid again!

  16. cc

    She makes me feel bored.

  17. GETOUT GETOUT GETOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats all i got.

  18. oldfashend

    i wouldn’t give her a second glance at a bar…how the mighty have fallen.

  19. LA

    Like her better plump.

  20. Michelle Trachtenbergurking.

  21. another stylist bites the dust. one hopes.

  22. I definitely still would. She was my first celebrity crush when I saw her in “Harriet The Spy” She’s so beautiful.

  23. Bare pickle


    Definition: dumpy shitty frumpy and plump.

  24. maruli

    Wow she fell really fast after iCarly ended.

  25. There are a few more acres in those Trachts than I remember.

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