1. He’s comparing faces.

  2. Just like the ring Mummy puts in my nose.

  3. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    Camilla’s aging well

  4. I feel bad for the paparazzi not being able to take pictures of *anything* anymore without Kim Kardashian taking up 2/3 of the picture.

  5. “Why ‘ello, Kim!”

  6. My 3-year old is equally delighted by bovine livestock.

  7. “By jove! What a revelation! And cheese just comes right out of here, you say?”

  8. Cock Dr

    There are sunglasses and possibly other things piled up on top of the livestock’s head. Is that a British thing? Welsh?

  9. john

    spending time with his mother I see

  10. “I shall call you “Wellington”. *giggle*”.

  11. Humpinfrog

    It has a cock ring, just like mine, in it’s nostrils. Good show, old boy, good show. Or is it best in show? hehehehehe.

  12. rospo

    ”Oh Camille, may I say this piercing is majestic !

  13. Slouch

    Which one is the mad cow?

  14. cc

    That looks kind of cruel.

  15. “She’s got a nose like my ex-wife! Oh don’t give me that ‘too soon’ rubbish”

  16. “Ha Ha Ha Stupid cow!”
    “Old Queen!”

  17. Finally the public knows why Charles will never be king: His reaction to cows farting.

  18. EricLR

    And this is the kind of life George Alexander Louis has to look forward to.

  19. “Off with their heads hahaha -no really I’m famished”

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