1. Blonde has a hot dumper

  2. Black cop: “Hello ladies. Any trouble besides you at the beach today?”
    White cop: “OH MY GOD! BLACKIE’S GOT A BOMB!”
    Black cop: “Blackie? Dude, that’s a rescue float. You should be ashamed…”
    White cop: “Shoot her anyway! I’m scared and feel my life’s in danger!”
    Black cop: “She’s a lifeguard, goddammit!”
    White cop: “Sorry. Sorry. I just thought, you know, after that whole Zimmerman thing…”
    Black cop: “You do realize I’m black, right?”
    White cop: “OH MY GOD! BLACKIE’S GOT A GUN!”

  3. Frank Burns

    “Can we arrest them for attempted animal smuggling, if all we see are three of the camel’s toes?”

  4. Ladies, do you you how fast you were running? The sign says 3 and we have you clocked at 5. Slow it down, please.

  5. cc

    The funniest part of the movie is David Hasselhof’s cameo where the wrestles a seagull for a discarded hotdog…and eats them both.

  6. Damon got tired of doing nothing? I’m going with that instead of – couldn’t get anything else.

  7. That’s a nice trio of asses.

  8. Batu Khan

    If this is what the movie looks like I can’t wait for the ‘Let’s Be Cops’ porn parody.

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