1. Just in case we didn’t know what we should do with it.

  2. There are three things in this picture I would like to sit on…

  3. I hope one day to be photographed and captioned “… and the penis from ‘Django Unchained”

  4. Why is it so small?

  5. Booncock Saint

  6. Looks like Daryl bought Theon’s favorite toy.

  7. I'mCool

    You’re doing it wrong.

  8. Interesting. Usually, the only dick at a Terry Richardson photo shoot is behind the camera.

  9. Why doesn’t the penis get first billing?

  10. cc

    He joking calls it his ‘Bieber bait’.

  11. His hair looks quite gross. Almost Pitt-like.

  12. apparently I’m going to have to give in & see this movie. fake penis? irresistible.

  13. I think it´s a good looking penis…intact (as in not circumcised) is always a plus.The guy holding it?? Not so good looking.

  14. malaka

    its good to see theon greyjoy is adjusting well

  15. Hugh Jazz

    “AND BALLS!!!”, said The Gjenital’s agent.

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