1. That dude’s gayer than a Nathan Lane boys night out.

  2. “oooh…I dunnoooo…does it come in a deep D …V Neck! V neck…oh my god…I’m so blushing right now…” :: waves fingers over face ::

  3. JimBB

    I’m pretty sure he’s way more likely to be the son’s boyfriend than hers.

  4. “…and might I add, Alexander, that’s a lovely saddle bag you have on your right shoulder

  5. I’m getting kind of tired of all these Weird Al Yankovic videos lately.

  6. “Sir, any of these fabrics can cover up any unpleasantness you wish to hide.”
    “That’s great…How tall are you mom?”

  7. Although the sales guy should stop polishing his shoes with an orbital sander.

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