1. In a moment of clarity, David Spade decides to date “in his league”, with predictable results.

  2. One-upping Schwarzenegger.

  3. buzz

    Dating his mom– it’s what happens when Rob Schneider forgets to include David Spade in a project.

  4. JimBB

    Well, it was either her or go back to Lara Flynn Boyle.

  5. You no want breakfast!

  6. Natty Ice

    It’s about time we started to see Yoko dating again.

  7. Who’s the better actor? Spade or the lady pretending she’s not embarrassed?

  8. Hopalong

    As hard as I try I can’t figure out which is doing the walk of shame.

  9. David always found that money always got a bit tight towards the end of the month.

  10. Thought bubbles from both heads: “Well that’s the LAST time I use Tinder!”

  11. That’s the translator he hired to tell any hot barely legal immigrant kids getting off the buses “no, really, he’s famous.”

  12. Chaz

    The City Council hopeful was simply trying to get Mr. Spade’s vote as she explained to him that she was up for election. Of course election came out erection, and the unsuspecting Asian was none the wiser.

  13. hes short what is she a pygmy

  14. Brian

    Spade: “Ok Consuela, you are done cleaning my house, let me walk in peace”

    “nnnnoo…. I walk with you”

  15. Minky Wail

    “So Yoko, any regrets?”
    “Compared to fucking you, breaking up the Beatles was nothing.”

  16. Johnny Barbells

    …this ‘shallow hal’ remake looks bad.

  17. whatever

    his actual mom is like a foot taller then him! saw her and him on tv once long ago
    so who is this, his maid?

  18. It seems David Spade’s sex life has taken a gigantic leap forward…

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