1. JC

    “Honey, it’s kind of weird that I can see that single lima bean you ate earlier traverse your digestive tract.”
    “I know, right? Only half a bean for me next time.”

  2. “Eddie, sweetie, I’m pregnant!!”
    “Honey, we’ve been over this. That’s your uterus showing through”

  3. Dildo Baggins

    even that old lady wants some of that.

  4. JimBB

    Honey if you can’t keep it sucked in, I’m going to have to start fucking the maid again.

  5. “Jesus, LeAnn, next time queef the whole alphabet! you can’t even make it past P!”

  6. JW

    “Eddie, I shit myself again.”

  7. “What is this hard thing that I feel when I poke my stomach.”
    “That would be your backbone.”

  8. anna


  9. whatever

    That’s the problem with putting on too small jeans, they cut painfully into your gut when you sit down, and give you a ‘roll’, however f-ing skinny you are!

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