1. “I’d shake your hand, but, well, you know.”

  2. JimBB

    Yo Rock, you’re going with me after this for some shrimp right? Come on man, you got my back, right?

  3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brett “The Shrimpeater” Ratner

  4. “Dear God you are so much bigger in person.”

  5. “No Brett, shrimps ain’t what I’m cooking.”

  6. Seriously, I smell shrimp. Please tell me that’s what The Rock is cooking.

  7. El Guso

    Will you give it to me… eh sorry, will you marry me ?

  8. Blob

    It is pronounced ‘Pwa-rrroh’.

  9. “May I lick your skull?”

  10. “I heard you were going to Red Lobster after this… Why didn’t you invite me?”

  11. Handsome Matt

    Carson Daly really just doesn’t give a shit anymore does he

  12. “Look, Dwayne, it’s not really that I’m so much shorter than you are as much as it is that you’re so much taller than I am.”

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