1. He’s about to do his best leghorn foghorn impression… Stand back!

  2. Kris Jenner

    ” Hey Alec, Check out Steve’s sweet piss puddle “

  3. JimBB

    The worst part about living on skid row is that you never know when a Baldwin might show up.

  4. That guy in the pink shirt knows that the Alec spotting the paps is the only thing that saved the lives of he and his friends. Look at the fear on his face.

  5. “Spare change? Nope! How about a little soft shoe?”

  6. “I see you gentlemen found my urine from last night.”

  7. Pete

    “What’s in your wal– uh, nevermind.”

  8. “Fuckin’ homeless faggots.”

  9. Even the homeless are hipsters. Fuck New York.

  10. Looks like he’s infiltrated an illegal street hacky-sack ring.

  11. “Which one of you wants to do something worthwhile with your life? Just hop in the back of my truck, we’ll drive out to the woods, and I’ll hunt you for sport.”

  12. No man Billy lives on the piece of cardboard two doors down.

  13. cc

    ‘Cabbie, drive me round until we find some of the little people to threaten.’

  14. Thought the dude in pink shirt was Shia.

  15. dont tell alec but they actually think he’s william shatner.

  16. George P Burdell

    Have you guys seen Ireland? I am supposed to take her to lunch today.

  17. BlackManUSA

    “Call me a faggot. I dare you…”

  18. This was the moment Alec realized this was not his wife’s yoga class.

  19. After spending so much time around Hilaria,Alec doesn’t know what to do around people who aren’t twisting themselves into pretzels and taking selfies.

  20. m

    “Dude, when puppet Kim Jong Il shot the fuck out of you? That was awesome!”

  21. whatever

    what a grandpa stance, he must have a back problem, is she trying to hump you to death to get the loot? no prenup?

  22. “Any of you guys got a bottle I can get a pull from?”

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