1. I’m pretty sure she can take Dolph Lundgren now.

  2. While those Spanx are stretched way beyond their recommended limit, It’s still a far cry from slugging down a pint of Popov before puking it all back up in a public park.

  3. tom

    I would avoid getting in a fight with her :(

  4. Chaz

    He’s hard to see, but Flavor Flav’s head is just to the left of the guy in the van.

  5. Don Draper's Dad

    I vill break you.

  6. “I loved you in Rocky 4! When you said “If he dies, he dies” was so convincing!

  7. We’re just college kids who will give you a ride to where ever you want to go with no strings attached…Just ignore the camera and the guy with no pants.

  8. Johnny Barbells

    …did she always have that dumper? this changes things… (but only slightly)

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