1. Domingo

    Kaposi’s sarcoma got me down

  2. [knocking on car door]
    “Jonah Bros, Jonah Bros, please let me in.”
    “Not by the scab on your shinny shin shin!”

  3. Short Round

    Please don’t let Nick lock the door again. I don’t want to have to explain to another girl the whole straight thing is just for my image.

  4. MarketingMike

    That sure as shit doesn’t look like a scab.
    Let’s hope your wrong, I wouldn’t wish that
    on anyone, even him.

  5. Why does he always have a look on his face like he just caught a guy staring at his ass? And that look always looks vaguely hopeful?

  6. cc

    So he consumes that snack and then runs, I dunno, 50 MILES?

  7. Doesn’t he usually get those on his knees.

  8. My GPS must be broken! It keeps bringing me back to West Hollywood!

  9. Jeee-zussss…it looks like he was shaving his legs with a fucking chain saw.

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