1. The Photoshop guy used the stretch tool in the wrong direction.

  2. joe

    Moo, moo, I love you. I know you’re a cow, but anything will do.

    (100 fake dollars if you know the source of that.)

    • That would be Johnny B. please deposit the fake $100 to my paypal account. thanks

    • okay, this was really weird. In 1983 they played the shit out of that song in my small northern california town. “moo, moo, i’m in love with you, you’re just a cow, but anything will do, moo, moo, i’m in love with you, I just wanna make loooooooove to you”.

      In years since, I’ve tried to resurrect this joke, but no one knows what the hell I’m talking about.

      I assumed I imagined the whole thing.
      Until now.

  3. Dick Nose

    Did I shit, or did I not shit? That is the question—

  4. Getting that dress on would have been a Herculean endeavour, so this premier makes sense.

  5. sing it with me now – ‘fatty, fatty, FAT-FAT’.

  6. Short Round

    Photoshop all the pictures you want but much like fathers with daughters you should know sooner or later one will get through to ruin what you so tried to protect.

  7. every time we have a mariah post, one person thumbs down all the comments….MARIAH? or Nick Cannon on a short least with a shock collar around his neck? Mariah! You fucking slag! it’s over! Dress your age! Or go nude and audition for the new SHamu in San Diego. It means “a whale’s vagina” something you know about.

  8. cc

    She’s in the scene where Hercules experiences his first failure…lifting her clear of the gound.

  9. Hercalese! Hercalese! Hercalese!

  10. “Chinese, Japanese, Hercules, look at these!”

  11. Ivanna Humpalot

    I’d hit it.

  12. whatever

    she has always looked like a fat chick sucking in her gut, her mid-section has never been relaxed in any photo ever seen of her

  13. Mariah and Kim Kardashian have finally merged in to a single (large) person.

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