1. Three gold diggers.

  2. JimBB

    The pile of dirt is the cleanest thing in this photo.

  3. Abraham Van Doody

    The sacred golden shovels of Moloch

  4. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “And this is where I buried your mother, so many years ago.”

  5. Brit

    I got these spades from my last two ex-wives

  6. He keeps that shovel around all the time to remove the piles of bullshit that come out of his mouth.

  7. Short Round

    You’re Fired! – the worker who will be doing the actual digging, worked a day in his life and knows how to hold a real frikin’ shovel.

  8. Blob

    C’mon Henry, I told ya: they’re gonna build condos here or sumpthin… we got to dig this fucker back up.

  9. “Hey beautiful, Wanna bang after this?”

    “I’ts me, Daddy”

  10. cc

    I absolutely loathe this whole family.

  11. Heywood Jablomie

    What happened to Iguana Trump?

  12. CK

    I wish I had a gold shovel.

  13. thats the most physical work hes done since the last time he filed for bankruptcy.

  14. anna

    The latest money-pit to be started in DC.

  15. Ivanna Humpalot

    I’d hit them both — with the shovels.

  16. She’s hot. He’s a gold-plated, fire-breathing cocksucker. If she would simply lop off his head with the shovel, I would grudge fuck her, then bash her skull in just for being related to him.

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