1. buzz

    Hell I thought that was actually him.

  2. If you stare long enough you can see the women muttering “My precious”…

  3. There seems to be a lot of wear and tear on the front and back of his slacks.

  4. At least 2 of those chicks have banged that statue.

  5. Blob

    “When shall we three meet again?”

  6. ….. or, as Ryan himself calls this, “Thursday”.

  7. Voice of Reisling

    Hey girl, just waxing poetic here.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    That statue had sex with more women than the Jonas Bros.

  9. Handsome Matt

    the statue has more range as an actor though

  10. That statue gets laid more than most of us.

  11. Swearin

    Women just come out of nowhere inexplicably and do that to the real, human Ryan Gosling

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