1. JC

    My Face is Allergic to My Skull

  2. hlkjhlkjhkljh

    girl, you allergic to life.

  3. And fiber. Really allergic to fiber.

  4. And healthy living habits, gyms, bras, men without ulterior motives….

  5. Dick Nose

    and the morning after pill

  6. JimBB

    There should be a law that you’re only allowed to wear slogans that you can read yourself.

  7. When you’re rich and want to fix your allergies, it’s just easier to trim your nose.

  8. o


    Are you paying attention?

  9. Genghis Khanstein

    Thorazine and its cousins are no fun, as seen here in Exhibit A

  10. She’s not allergic to crazy eyes.

  11. So it’s mornings that are making her forehead swell up and her eyebrows fall out? Got it.

  12. Burns Like Hell...

    Ol’ school Dermabrasion, they call it “Laser Skin Resurfacing” now.
    It takes about a month to heal and looks exactly like Brit looks now.
    It hurts like hell, kind of like sticking your face in a Microwave.

    • DrJ Fever

      I don’t think so. Can she even give the okay for medical procedures? If not then would her dad say yes?

  13. Her other sweatshirt says “I have a case of the Mondays” because Mondays is what they call crabs in her world.

  14. Voice of Reisling

    Not pictured: 8 cats, knitting bag, and Archie McPhee catalog.

  15. maria

    Her shirt might say “I’m allergic to mornings”, but her face says “daddy took away mah baycan milkshake:(“

  16. joe blow

    She’s got that crazy “Ready to stab you with an umbrella” look again….

  17. this is the face of the nuns I see when I touch myself. Then I stop.

  18. Apparently she’s also allergic to eyebrows.

  19. She looks like she should be chasing a young girl around a deserted hospital with a butcher knife.

  20. She’s also allergic to sanity and being in control of her own life.

  21. tlmck

    More like allergic to cognitive thought.

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