1. JC


  2. Evidence Item #2456-B:
    Selfie of accused post-coitus with “John”.

  3. JimBB

    Subtitled “In case I disappear tonight, my pimp knows who did it”

  4. joe

    I like to go for the low-hanging fruit, but this is ridiculous.

  5. those are some of the saggiest mommy-bags I’ve ever seen on a 40 year old.

  6. When Lilo gives you the “Hey Buddy, eyes up here…” look, she really means it.

  7. gravity: 1
    Lilo: 0

  8. cajunhawk


  9. Short Round

    Like watching a haggard drunken old cow take a selfie. You appreciate the effort but you just rather they don’t.

  10. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “Clean and sober” for her “comeback”.


  11. In the valley of the giant…
    Ho, ho, ho..
    Lindsay Lohan.

  12. cc

    What does the name tag on the table say? ‘Hello, my name is ‘Jizzface’?

  13. joe blow

    Slattern skank.

  14. Vlad

    Do your boobs hang low, all the way to your big toe?

  15. Handsome Matt

    fitting view as she continues to slide farther into “who gives a fuck”

  16. She knows how to take a good selfie, but those pics of her on the yacht this week show what she looks like under the harsh light of reality. And it’s not a pretty sight.

  17. tlmck


  18. She must’ve accidentally snapped this when handing the phone over at the pawn shop.

  19. That’s just an odd view. There were a lot of pics with her boobs popping out of clothes and they weren’t low-hanging.

  20. iPhone 4 Ha Ha, loser!

  21. Somebody needs to smack her every time she puts her fingers in her mouth. Is that supposed to be sexy? If so – big time fail.

  22. So that’s what they mean by low hanging fruit

  23. Ivanna Humpalot

    I’d still hit it.

  24. Not nearly as impressive as if her tits were totally out.

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