1. TomFrank

    “Shit. I forgot to ask Vicki for them this morning.”

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    so I don’t get a yellow card for this kind of hand ball, right?

  3. Vivian

    is he insulting someone or just scratching an itch?

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The offense known as “handling the ball” involves deliberate contact with the ball by a player’s hand. “Deliberate contact” means that the player could have avoided the touch but chose not to.. that the player deliberately continued an initially accidental contact for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage.

  5. M

    1, 2, – 1, 2 . . .

  6. erstfykdhjnv

    “I wish my robot wife would give me my balls back…”

  7. Motherfucker, she told me it was just razor burn.

  8. MrsWrong

    If Herbalife makes your penis grow, that’s one hell of an endorsement

  9. Squishy


  10. ChonchArcola

    i KNEW it!!!….it’s bent, just like Beckham.

  11. Lada

    Since all the Hip Hop and Rap Stars have stopped grabbing themselves, and are now into sticking their tongues out sideways, like Chinese crested hairless dogs, someone has to carry on the tradition of the old guard.

  12. They’re gone, man. Just get over it already.

  13. PoorMaryKelly

    If he ever needs assistance with that I’m available.

  14. Jill_Ess

    This one’s for you, Superficial viewer.

  15. Check yer bags Mr. Beckham?

  16. Nope, still there. My transformation to Tom Brady just needs a little more time.

  17. Steelerchick

    David… allow me.

  18. CharmlessMan

    Forget about it. No. Fuhrrget aboudid. NO! FERRGET ABOWTIT!! Damn damn damn! These yanks will never accept me!

  19. “Damn! I knew that happy ending was a bad idea!”

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