1. Whisky Mist is what they call her farts.

  2. She looks like she’s been doing a bit of cross-breeding with Betheny Frankel…

  3. Frank Burns

    This being Mischa Barton, I can’t tell if that look means she’s just arriving or just leaving a whiskey-based event.

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Shes aged fifteen years since yesterdays picture!!

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    Conrad Poos and His Dancing Teeth.

  6. Pine Table Fever

    Wow. I can see the outline of her skull.

  7. Backdoor Ninja

    The chick on the right just behind her shoulder… she’s kinda cute.

    • Lou Braccant

      There’s a Olivia Wilde/Olivia Munn look about her with an ugly sister ‘ I’ll do things to you she’d never do’ syndrome mixed in too.

      • Beaver Underground

        The similarity is up for debate. But let’s hope you are right about the “I’ll do things she’d never do” part.

  8. Perplexity

    Are they coming out with another “The Emperor’s New Groove?” She was a great Yzma.

  9. Swearin

    The sad thing is, there’s about to be an entire generation of teenagers who have been born since the last time she had a starring role on anything worthwhile.

  10. fu

    how the hell did she age so much. my friend is 26 just like her but looks like a little kid
    this one looks 40 wtf

  11. lily

    always lookin stoned

  12. Frunken

    Best acting she’s done in years. I can practically hear the terrible, fake British accent.

  13. seriouslynow

    What the hell happened to this broad.

  14. cc

    Apropos of nothing, that nail color was popular on the Cordoba.

  15. “Smithers…my wrap, please…Smithers…SMITHERS!!!”

  16. JK

    Puppies! I shall make a dalmatian coat out of you!

  17. harshfucker420

    She on a week-long coke binge or what? And how the fuck does she have the money for it?

  18. Mike

    Uh-oh, that drug phase is turning her into Sharon Stone. XP

  19. Why do these beautiful young women insist on shitting away their good looks and youth with drugs and partying.

  20. Jason

    Strangely enough, she looks almost normal in this picture compared to what we usually see.

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