1. It would look bitchin if he grew his chest hair to look like an extension of his sweet beard.

  2. Crissy

    So who is this pimp?

  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    is he a real person? or u know, one of those BORAT charactors?

  4. DiegoAD

    Anybody else freaked out by the effect when you scroll down this page using the mouse wheel?

  5. How did ever get time off from the 7-11 to attend this?

  6. DeucePickle

    This guy is one gold chain away from being amazing.

  7. Cock Dr

    Is that Adrian Brody punkin’ with us?

  8. EricLr

    If I rub him ,do I get three wishes?

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Singh when you’re winning !

  10. TobiasFunke

    Apparently we have begun outsourcing our celebrities to India also. Here we see 70′s John Travolta.

  11. Backdoor Ninja

    Please make the shirt stop. I keep coming back to this picture hoping it will be buttoned up.

  12. Mike Walker

    I think I’m going to be sikh.

  13. LauraF

    He’s like the Indian Adrien Brody.

  14. mamamiasweetpeaches

    You guys are hilarious

  15. sitsdeep

    Zoom the feet…… lol.

  16. Henry

    Wearin’ those Birkenstocks like a champ.

  17. rajput

    Looks like he is Sikh-ing attention.

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    When they invited him to “Help pin down bladder cancer”, he thought it was a wrestling match.

  19. Frunken

    The comments show me not many people here watch Wes Anderson movies. Disappointed.

  20. cc

    Wait’ll Michelle Bachmann gets a load of him.

  21. If you shaved off his beard he would look just like one of the Q-Tips that I used to clean out my ears.

  22. tlmck

    In some deep, remote corner of the world, he is a perfect 10.

  23. I totally owned this guy in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

  24. Bigalkie

    Will the real Russell Brand please stand up!

  25. Kojak

    That’s Shia Labeouf.

  26. Yet, if a woman from his country was to dress the same way, she’d be stoned to death.

  27. Who the hell is this?

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